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For the most part poetry is marked up the same way as other text.

Use Normal style for the content, and Heading styles for Chapters, Sections, and Poem Titles.

Poetry is an artistic medium, so we retain direct formatting such as: strong, emphasis, underline, and strikethrough.

Languages can be applied as needed. See the Language section for more info.

If a poem, or piece of a poem, appears in a text style as Quote. These usually appear at the beginning of chapters, but can also appear within the body text as well.

Complex Formatting and Producer's Notes

Sometimes you will come across a poem that has more complex formatting that can not be translated to EPUB.

We can not retain this formatting for EPUB conversion.

If you have any complex formatting that is not covered below, please ask in the Q&A.

Producer's Note

In these cases include a Producer's Note at the beginning of the book.

Producer's Note [Heading Style 1]

This book originally appeared with special paragraph and line spaces that added to the meaning of the text. Due to the conversion process these design elements have been removed. For poems that originally appeared with more complex formatting there are in-text producer’s notes.

You can update the example above to reflect the formatting of the collection you are working on.

For more info please go to the Producer's Note page.

Common Types of Complex Formatting

The more common forms of complex formatting are:

  • spacing,
  • line justification,
  • and concrete poetry.

In poetry the use of blank space on a page, between lines, words, or even letters, can be used to convey meaning. We can not retain blank spaces.

Lines, stanzas, or entire poems can use right justification to convey meaning. We can not retain right justification.

A Concrete poem is a poem where the words create a shape on the page that conveys a visual meaning. We can not retain the original shape of a concrete poem.

If you have a concrete poem, simply keep the line break/word breaks as they originally appear with left justification.

Example Original Poem:

Images in Poems

Sometimes you will come across images of text in poems. This is a big no-no in publishing and not accessible. See the section on Images of Text for more.

We transcribe all images of text and mark up with the appropriate NNELS styles.

Sometimes you will find the poet has used an image of a black bar to signify the censorship of a word of phase. In this can you can keep the image and add the Alt-Text "Thick black bar blocking out word/phrase."

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