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[French: Information de la Publication]

Provide the section with the title Publishing Information and mark with a Heading 1.

Leave URLs as they are (i.e. rather than w w w dot Canada dot com etc.)

Retain all of the publishing information, even that which seems weird/unnecessary.

Do not add links if they are not part of the original ebook. We are reformatting the book for accessibility, not editing it.


Note the only style applied to this section is heading 1 for the heading and the publisher webpage is hyperlinked because it was in the original version. Remember to check all hyperlinks to make sure they still work. See hyperlinks for more.

Q&A Archive

Q: If the Publishing Info is at the back of the book do you want us to move it to the front? Should the order of the edited book be the same as the order on the Wiki Instructions Content List?

A: You can leave it at the back of the book as in the original reading order. Generally speaking, the order of the edited book should reflect the order of the original book that we're working from.

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