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 +=====Setting Up Style Guides/Area in Microsoft Word=====
 +To help aid you with apply and checking your style formatting you can set up you word document to give a visual guide to show what styles are applied.
 +If you use a Mac operating system you have the option to turn on a colour-coded style guide.
 +To turn it on:
 +  * Open style pane
 +  * Select ''​Show Style Guides''​ it is a clickable option at the bottom of the ''​Style Pane''​
 +You will now see a coloured and numbered column to the left of the page that corresponds to the style applied to the page.
 +If you use a Windows operating system you will not have the option for a coloured style guide, but you can turn on a style area to track any applied styles in the document.
 +To turn on the style area:
 +  * Set your document view to either ''​Draft''​ or ''​Outline''​
 +  * Go to ''​File>​Advanced''​
 +  * Scroll down to ''​Display''​ and locate ''​Style Area Pane Width in Draft and Outline Views''​
 +  * It will be set to ''​0 cm''​ change the number to ''​.5 cm''​ or a number of your choice.
 +  * Select ''​Okay''​
 +You will now see a column to the left of the document with written labels that correspond to the applied style.
 +<​note>​This will only be visible in ''​Draft''​ or ''​Outline''​ view</​note>​
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