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[French: Page Titre]

This section should be called "Title Page" and be made a Heading 1.

A common mistake is to confuse the cover page (often on the book jacket) with the title page. The title page is found inside the book cover, and it consists of:

  • Title and Subtitle
  • Author, and information relating to author
  • Publisher

Remove extra title pages.

Example Title Page

We remove all Cover Images and place the Title page at the beginning of the book. The only time we do not do this is for Children's Picture Books and Comics. Please see Cover Image for Children’s Books and Sections for Comics for more information
Some titles have two title pages. We only need one title page formatted as described above.

Q&A Archive

Q: When a book has a cover page, should we give it a "heading 1" that says Cover Page? When a book includes a summary of the work, what heading would this be given? To offer some context, the book I am working with (A Boy Named Queen) includes the summary that would be on the dust cover; in this particular case, the text appears on what would be the front inside flap of the dust cover. (So sorry for my non-technical language!)

A: Usually we delete the Cover Page image (as there's usually no content other than title and author, which is often already on the Title Page). In the case of A Boy Named Queen, the Cover Page is on a book jacket that has a summary of the book. We can keep the summary and put it at the end of the book (before Terms of Use) with a Heading 1 called Book Summary. See also Back Cover.

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