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Taking Tickets (Book Requests)

NNELS uses open-source software called RT (Request Tracker) to manage requests for books.

Step 1: Take a book request

  1. Review the list of books in the NNELS Production Queue- look for books that have Nobody in particular as an owner
  2. Sort the requests by priority by clicking on Priority. If there are any books marked as High priority, then take one of those books (if not, select a ticket of Medium priority, then Low)
  3. Claim a book as yours:
    1. Open the ticket
    2. Go to the Actions drop-down menu
    3. Click on Take
    4. You should now be the proud owner!

Step 2: Download the files

You can now go to the Unedited folder in Dragondisk (ensure your Root folder is and locate the needed files (there should be one publisher file and one converted text document).

  1. Transfer the files to your computer
  2. Start editing!

Step 3: Submit your edited book & pass off the ticket

Once you’ve completed your first edit of the document:

  1. Upload it to the Edited folder in Dragondisk (in the root folder called
  2. Enter the time (in minutes) you worked on the book in the Time Worked field in RT. You will find this in the ticket's Basics tab. The default should already be Minutes.
  3. Transfer your RT ticket to Farrah who can then be notified to take a look.
    1. You can transfer your ticket by changing the owner of the ticket. Go to the Basics tab and then the Owner field. Type in the name of the person you want to assign the ticket to.
    2. If the ticket is currently owned by someone else, you can select "Steal" to take the ticket back.

To avoid confusion, ensure there’s only one (the most recent) version of your edited doc in the Edited folder.

Naming books

As for naming the document, you can use the following conventions:


Using RT: Tips & Tricks

  • When you no longer own a ticket but you need update it - If you have a ticket number, such as the one in an email subject line, you can pop it into the RT search and it will bring up your ticket.
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