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 On this page you can either: On this page you can either:
   * [[public:​nnels:​mp3todaisy:​import-project|Import a new Project from your profile]]   * [[public:​nnels:​mp3todaisy:​import-project|Import a new Project from your profile]]
-  * Sideload a Book from a link in our repository +  * [[public:​nnels:​mp3todaisy:​sideload-book|Sideload a Book from a link in our repository]] 
-  * Upload a book from a file+  * [[public:​nnels:​mp3todaisy:​upload-book|Upload a book from a file]]
 [[public:​nnels:​mp3todaisy#​getting_started|Return to Getting Started]] [[public:​nnels:​mp3todaisy#​getting_started|Return to Getting Started]]
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