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MP3 to DAISY Questions

Have any questions about how to use Converter Plus for MP3 to DAISY conversion? Questions about how to name a particular track? Confused about how to reorder tracks? Anything else related to the workflow? Please post them below.

If you have an issue that is file specific, please use the Hand to Rachel function, so she can look at the file and help solve the issue.

If you come across an error or bug, please use Report Tracker.

Q: I'm working on Sin Eater, my first MP3 to DAISY, and after the end of the last chapter file comes this blurb: "This is the end of Sin Eater, but keep listening after the credits for a special note from the author. If you enjoyed this audiobook, find more just like it from Podium Publishing, the leader in Sci Fi and Fantasy audiobooks, available exclusively on"

And then a pause, followed by, "You have been listening to Sin Eater…" followed by credits/Title Page information.

The author's "special note" is then in a separate chapter.

My question is this: Is that first blurb a "preview" and should I thereof split it off? Do I then split off the Sign Off/End Credits and keep that but remove/delete the preview blurb? And then finish up with Notes by the Author?

A: Good question! Could you use the Hand to Rachel feature for me to take a closer look at those end tracks?

UPDATE: I listened to the file, the section that is "this is the end .." is the sign off track. You can split it and name it End Credits. The last track is an Afterword. The narration even states he is reading and Afterword at the beginning of the track. Previews are a section from the next book by the author, as a way to get the readers interested in purchasing more books. See Audiobook Glossary for full definition.

Name the last track Afterward and leave it where it is.

Q: I have another question about an Andy Weir title - The Martian. The audiobook seems to have a chapter of bonus content that isn't in the ebooks TOC. The narrator on the last track says: "And now some selections from the files of Marc Watney. Diary of An AssCan." Diary of an AssCan is a short prequel story to The Martian ( The text on this fandom page matches the text the narrator reads.

All this to say - I'm not sure how to name this track and it isn't in a TOC so I can't refer there. The narrators wording is kind of long… Can I call it "Selections from the files of Marc Watney", or "Diary of an AssCan"? Thanks for your help!

A: This is a preview track. We delete all preview tracks.

Q: I'm working on Project Hail Mary - the project is pretty straightforward with the exception of the last chapter which is titled "Chapter [symbol]". The narrator says "Chapter Mmm-mmm". I can't find away to insert a symbol into the name - how should I proceed? (I've currently titled it chapter 30)

A: Could you use the Hand to Rachel feature so I can look at the file more closely? Once I can listen to it I can better answer this question. Thank you!

Q: In Rough and Plenty (Project name Rogers), the TOC uses roman numerals for the chapter numbers (the TOC uses lower case roman numerals whereas the chapter headings use upper case. I've been trying to follow the roman numerals, but converter plus keeps mixing the cases so it ends up being Iii or Vi. Is this something that can be fixed or should I switch to using numbers instead? Thanks for your help!

A: COP has a built in Capitalization function to aid people with screen readers have the proper capitalization when using the app. It is still a bit buggy, and I am unable to fix the Roman Numeral bug at this point. You can just replace the Roman Numerals with Arabic Numerals (1,2,3 etc..)

Q: I have a question regarding naming tracks in "Soldiers of Song" (Project name Wilson). The audio book includes a number of songs at the end of the book (How fun!) and the publisher named the track with the name of the song and indicates that it is a song - for example "Long Trail Winding (song)". Obviously these aren't included in the TOC of the ebook (including the Appendicies), and the narrator only names the song in one case. Am I okay to leave as is, or is there another best practice?

A: So much fun! Leave it as you have it. The name of the track should be the name of the song.

Q: I have two questions regarding “Rough and Plenty” (Project name Rodgers).

This title has long chapters, many of which have been divided into two tracks. The narrator begins each track with “Chapter 1, part 1, Shelburne County….” Or “Chapter 2, part 2”. I’m wondering the best way to handle this. Should I combine the two parts into one track because they are one chapter - or should I keep them separate? Ch 1 P1 is 1:11:29 in length and Ch1 P2 is 49:12 if that makes a difference. If I keep them separate, should I match what the narrator says in my titles and use heading level 3 for the “part 1 / part 2” like this:

First track of chapter H1: Hemmed-In Communities H2: Chapter 1: Shelburne County, Nova Scotia, Mid-1970s H3: Part 1

Second track of chapter H1: H2: H3: Part 2

Second question, the publisher has a track titled “Alt Text and Captions” that begins abruptly with the alt-text for figure 1. Can I leave this named as such? I wanted to check since I don’t see a relevant term listed in the Audiobook Glossary section of the wiki, and it isn’t included in the ebook and the narrator doesn’t say a title! Thanks for your help!

A: The heading structure looks good. You can keep the name as is for the Alt-text section and give it a H1 heading. It is not an ideal way to record Alt-text, which is why we are pushing so hard in the industry to create standards.

Q:I am working on the title Transition to Common Work (file name Mancini) and I have a question about naming a track. The second track begins with an image description (which closely represents the images on the front cover) followed by a short paragraph titled "The Six Virtues" and there is no corresponding listing in the ebook TOC (this section comes after the front cover, but before the title page). It seems logical to me to name it "The Six Virtues" since that seems to be the heading on the page, but I wanted to double check since it doesn't correspond with anything on the TOC.

A: Great question! Narrators often read the Alt-text directly into a track. Name the track for its heading. In other cases we would then tag the Alt-text, but this is not a requirement for this project.

Q: I am working on Literatures, Communities, and Learning: Conversations with Indigenous Writers (file name Hanson) and I have two questions.

My first question relates to end notes. This audio book has three endnote sections - one for the intro, one for the interviews and one for the conclusions. Currently, each endnote section is its own track. I'm not sure how to proceed. Should I keep them as their own track? If so, should I give them a heading 1 title (matching what the narrator says i.e. "Introduction Endnotes" or is it more appropriate to have a heading 2 title for those sections?

My second question relates to combining tracks. Each chapter of the book is an interview between the editor and an individual, and each chapter has a long intro section before the "Our Conversation" section. Currently the intro track and the conversation tracks are separate. Should I keep these as separate tracks? If so, I'm wondering about the appropriate headings. Currently I'm following this pattern (Based on what the narrator is saying):

Intro track:

Heading 1: "Being Able to Tell Stories from the North" a Conversation with Richard Van Camp Heading 2: [None]

Conversation track:

Heading 1: Heading 2: Our Conversation

A: Endnotes can stay their own tracks and be named to match the section they are connected to in heading level 2. For example, Introduction Endnotes. For the Conversation tracks, the way you have it set up above is correct.

—- Q: I just have a question about naming tracks. In the book I'm working on (Nyxia Unleashed), each chapter has a title and a subtitle. The subtitle indicates the character voice for that chapter. The narrator reads the title and subtitle together at the beginning of each chapter. But the table of contents I found online for the book only includes the chapter titles. So I'm just wondering whether I should be including the subtitle in the track names?

A:In this case match what the narrator says.

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