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Report Tracking in Converter Plus

This feature is not currently in operation. Email Rachel directly with any bugs or issues. Remember to stop your work until you hear back from Rachel.
If you experience an error stop your work and report the error immediately. It can take 24-48 hours to fix any errors.

When you log into your account on Converter Plus there is a link at the bottom of the page called Request Tracker. This will take you to a page were you can report any errors, bugs, or user feedback. You can also track other reports that have been previously logged.

When reporting a bug or user feedback please review the other posts first to ensure it has not already been logged. If it has been posted, you can add a comment if you have information to add to the issue.
When reporting a bug that has occurred in multiple files, you only have to open one report, and can add the names of the other files (along with the location of the issue) in the Additional Details form.

At the bottom of the page you will find a section for New Issue.

To send a report:

  • Select Report a new issue
  • This will take you to a form:
    • Category = choose appropriate category
    • Title = name the error/issue/feedback. Make it clear and concise so it is clear what the report is about.
    • Project = enter the file title as it appears in Converter Plus. This will help the developer find the specific file. If it is general feedback, leave blank.
    • Location of Problem = name of your profile, where you were when the issue occurred (e.g. Track 5) or location of function you are giving feedback for.
    • Steps to Reproduce Problem = exactly what you did before the error occurred. Remember to be a precise as possible so the developer can recreate the issue. If you are reporting functionality feedback you can leave blank
    • Error Message = copy and paste the error message. It is very important to have it exactly as it appears on your screen.
    • Additional Details = any other notes that will help the developer. Again, be very clear and include as much information as you can. If you have any suggestions for improvements, include them here as well.

Example of a good bug report:

"Hi, I encountered an error when splitting a track. The book is under the account for Elizabeth and entitled RoughingIt. I selected Track 14, pressed Edit, and pressed Scan. It showed a time index of 1215, which was perfect. When I pressed Split, the following error was displayed. … I closed the browser as soon as the error came up, and will wait for instructions."

If you encounter an error, please ask yourself: Should the program have been able to do what I asked it to do? For instance, did I try to sideload an invalid archive, or delete a book that I already deleted? If you did, please ignore the error.

If you think the program malfunctioned, please immediately stop using it. Do not look at the book, or hand it to someone else. Copy the full text of the error, close your browser, Email your team lead, and wait for instructions.

If you have an issue with the file, such as it is not divided into proper chapters or the file on NNELS is incomplete, you can pass the book to Rachel without exporting it. Please see Hand to Rachel for more info, and follow the same template for reporting the issue.

If you are creating a log for feedback on usability, please include as much details as possible including:

  1. details on current feature
  2. details on what doesn't work on current feature
  3. detailed suggestion for improvement or what you would like the feature to do

Any questions or concerns around your work beyond this you can post it on the Q&A page.

It is important you go through this documentation and process carefully. This project is all about paying attention to detail and asking questions if anything is confusing.

When you have finished a book you will export it and Send to QA to Check.

It is important we move slower at the beginning of this process to make sure you understand every step. Rachel is here to help you learn and answer all your questions, so do not hesitate to reach out through either the Hand to Rachel function or the Q&A page if you are stuck or unsure of something. NNELS aims for high quality in output, and the work you are doing is directly helping our patrons have better access to audiobooks. You should take pride in the work and feel good you are part of this essential piece of our library.
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