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Sometimes you will come across a book section that has been divided into two or more tracks. For instance, one track will start with Chapter 1 and then the following track will just be narration with no heading being read. In this case, you can use the Join Audio feature on the edit page in the Set Play List section of Converter Plus.

To join two tracks:

  • Use the Play Order function to locate the first track that needs to be joined to the proceeding track.
  • Select Edit
  • This will take you to the page where you can edit the track.
  • Below the regular edit pane, where you can change the name and rank of the track, there is a section titled Join Audio. This is the second heading on the page.
  • There will be text asking you if this track continues into the next track. If this is correct select the Join button.

Now when you go back to the Play Order section you will see that the two tracks are now joined into a single track. You can proceed in renaming the tracks.

If you need to join more than two tracks:
  • Open the dropdown menu beside Include
  • Select the last track in the group you want to join to the main track. For example, your main track is Chapter 1 and you have 6 files titles 101 to 106 select track 106 and select Join
  • All the files will be joined to the main track for Chapter 1

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