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Track Discovery and Heading Levels

If the tracks require renaming, then select Track Discovery in the Track Name section and this will take you to a new page where you can cycle through the tracks and rename each track and assign them the appropriate heading level.

On the Track Discovery page, you can play the first five seconds from each track to give you an idea of what the title of the track should be.

If the tracks are out of order, reorder them to the correct order in the Play Order section before you rename or set any heading levels.

The beginning of the first track should automatically play when you open the page. You can also select the play button in the player at the top of the page to play more than the first five seconds.

Rename the section based on what the narrator reads. For example, if the narrator reads the title you will rename that track to Title Page. See below for how to name different headings levels.

Please note when renaming tracks they must have logical names that match the book section they represent. For example, the first track that gives the Title can be renamed Title Page. These should also be complete words and phrases with no abbreviations. For example, Chapter 1 is acceptable but Ch 01 is not acceptable. For information about the different sections you can find in an audiobook, please see the Audiobook Glossary
Sometimes a book will have Chapter Numbers and Chapter Titles. In these cases always use both! For example, Chapter One: The Beginning
Never begin a number in a track title with a zero. It is okay to use numbers, just write Chapter 1 instead of Chapter 01.

Some audiobooks have multiple levels of navigation, and we can set these levels with Converter Plus. A common example is a book that has multiple parts with chapters divided within these parts.

For example:

  • Part One: The Beginning (Heading 1)
    • Chapter 1 (Heading 2)
    • Chapter 2 (Heading 2)
  • Part Two: The Next Part (Heading 1)
    • Chapter 3 (Heading 2)
    • Chapter 4 (Heading 2)

You will need to establish the proper heading hierarchy, and have the proper names assigned to each heading. This will help the reader navigate the different sections of the book with ease, and also get a good idea of the overall layout of the title when they first open the book. Headings are the most important part to accessibility, so we want to get it right.

If you have a book imported with assigned levels already intact, you will still have to go through this process to make sure each level and track adheres to the correct naming convention for conversion.

To rename tracks and levels in Track Discovery:

  • Open Project
  • Go to Set Play Order
  • Go to Track Discovery located in the Track Names section.
  • This will open up the first track, which will automatically play the first 5 seconds of the track.

At the top of this page is the player for this track. Below this there are 6 text boxes to enter the names of headings levels 1-6. Below this are two buttons, Advance and Previous, to help you navigate through each track as you name the tracks.

You will be entering the title of the track into the appropriate heading level. For example, the title of a book is part of the front matter, which is always set to Heading 1.

When you listen to a track that is at Heading 1:

  • Enter the name of that track into the Heading 1 text box
  • Select Advance to move to the next track.

When you listen to a track that starts with a Part Section title, followed by a Chapter heading:

  • Enter the Part Section title into the Heading 1 text box. For example, 'Part One: The Beginning'.
  • Enter the Chapter Section title into the Heading 2 text box. For example, 'Chapter One: The First Chapter'.
  • Press Advance to listen to the next track
  • If the next track is another Chapter Section, leave Heading 1 blank and enter that Chapter Section title into the Heading 2 text box.
  • When you reach the next Part Section title enter this new title for this next Part Section into Heading 1 along with the Chapter Section title into Heading 2.
  • Continue entering the Chapter Section titles into Heading 2 as you did for the Part One, and remember to leave Heading 1 blank until you reach the next Part Section.

If you have a book with Part Sections, Chapter Sections, and Subsections within the Chapters:

  • Locate the first track for the Part Section
    • Enter the title of the Part Section into Heading 1
    • Enter the title of the Chapter Section into Heading 2
  • Locate the track with the first Subsection
    • Enter the title of the Part Section into Heading 1
    • Enter the title of the Chapter Section into Heading 2
    • Enter the title of the Subsection into Heading 3
  • Locate the track for the second Subsection
    • Enter only the title of the next Subsection into Heading 3 until you read the next chapter, and repeat.
You only have to enter the name of the Part Section title into the first track it is mentioned. Leave the Heading 1 text box blank until you find the beginning of the next Part Section.

When you have completed naming all the tracks and headings you will return to the Set Play Order page. You can review the track names in the dropdown menu in the Play Order section of this page.

You track order should be similar to the following:

  • Title Page
  • Introduction
  • Part One: The Beginning~~2Chapter One: The First Chapter
  • ~~2Chapter Two: The Second Chapter
  • Part Two: The Middle~~2Chapter Three: Another Chapter
  • ~~2Chapter Four: Yet Another Chapter
  • Epilogue
  • Sign Off
Do not delete the tilde's or the number. These indicate to the DAISY reader what heading level is assigned to the heading title.

If you make a mistake you can fix it two ways:

  1. You can go back into Track Discovery and advance through each track individually as you make your edits
  2. You can select the track you wish to edit in the Play Order section

To edit a track title in the Play Order section:

  • Locate and select the track from the Track dropdown menu
  • Select Edit
  • Make sure to only change the spelling and leave alone the two tilde's and the number that indicated the heading level.
All Front Matter and Back Matter are assigned Heading 1 levels, as they are part of the top level of navigation. To learn more about books sections, please see our Audiobook Glossary.
Most titles only have 2 levels, but there can be more complex titles with up to 6 heading levels, it is important to refer to the ebook TOC to help you with these more complex heading structures.

Below is a video tutorial for Heading Levels:

Listen to the track carefully for the name of the section. Spelling is very important, so you may have to look up the table of contents to get the proper spelling of the book. If you are unsure of the spelling of a section, locate the book's table of contents online to find the correct spelling. Taking the extra time to get it right will ensure we are making the best books possible.
  • Check the record page, sometimes the EPUB is on the same page.
  • Try searching NNELS repository. Sometimes the EPUB is in a separate record
  • Check Bookshare
  • Check Google Play, or Google Books
  • Check Amazon Kindle. Sometimes Amazon has a book preview of their Kindle titles. Note: These previews can present accessibility issues with screen readers.
  • Check your local library
  • Search Google with the title plus the phrase Table of Contents. Sometimes the book is online.
  • When in doubt, ask for assistance.

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