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Resource URI Version Links to Linked by
repositoryItems 1.1 fileResources, genre, subject, collection bookshelf, basicSearch
fileResources 1.1 - -
bookshelf 1.0 repositoryItems -
basicSearch 1.2 repositoryItems -
genres 1.0 - repositoryItems, basicSearch
subjects 1.0 - repositoryItems, basicSearch
collections 1.0 repositoryItems, basicSearch -
users 1.1 - -


Property Name Available From
Format formats repositoryItems, fileResources, bookshelf, basicSearch
File size filesize repositoryItems, fileResources, basicSearch
Signed download link s3_path_signed repositoryItems, fileResources, bookshelf
Cover Art cover_art repositoryItems, bookshelf?

HTTP Methods

  • All resources support GET, OPTIONS
  • bookshelf additionally supports POST (add to Bookshelf)

Auth endpoints

Auth* Resource URI Example
AuthN login-token GET /api/login-token
Authorization: Basic [:basic_auth_hash]
AuthZ refresh-token GET /api/refresh-token/[:refresh_token]
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