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Create a playlist for an audiobook

These instructions are for Mac. The Python script will work for audiobooks comprised of one or more folders. Contact the Content Coordinator for the script.

You can find the Crane files in CA/BC/BVAUCC. Farrah emailed you the .py file if you need it again.
  1. Make sure you have Python installed (v2.5-2.7):
  2. Put the script inside the same directory that contains the audiobook folders that you want to create playlists for. Make sure only the books you want to process are in that folder. For example, you might have a folder called “Crane” that contains various audiobooks (which must be unzipped). Put the script (.py file) in this “Crane” folder.
  3. Open Terminal inside this directory. On my computer, I have a shortcut to do this, so I just right-click on the directory and then select Services>Run Terminal at Folder. Here are instructions on how to set that shortcut up on your Mac:
  4. In Terminal, type in: python
  5. Hit enter
  6. The script will do its thing and when it’s done you should see a M3U playlist file inside each audiobook folder
  7. Zip up the audiobook and publish to NNELS as usual!
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