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Converting MARC 21 to MARC XML

This is the easiest of all metadata formats to convert into MARC XML. Unfortunately, it's usually only libraries or some big distributors (that supply to libraries) that will be able to share MARC 21 records with us.

If you do receive a record set in MARC 21 format (.mrc), all you need to do is open it in MarcEdit and then save it as a new file with a .xml extension.

  1. Open the .mrc file (MarcEdit should be your default application for opening files with this extension)
  2. A MARC Tools window will pop up, asking you to save a new file with the .mrk extension
  3. Click Execute
  4. Open the .mrk file (it is saved in the same location as the .mrc file)
  5. Select File then Save As
  6. Save the file with the file extension .xml

Please note that whenever you open a .mrc file in MarcEdit, MarcEdit will automatically convert the .mrc file into a .mrk file in order to open it (.mrk is the format used by MarcEdit).

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