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Convert ONIX short to MARC XML

To convert from ONIX short to MARC XML, you need 2 files:

  1. ONIX short file
  2. onix2marcxml_nnels_compat_v4.xsl - you can save this file anywhere on your computer

Once you have the above files, continue with the below steps:

  1. Open up Terminal (if you use a Mac).
  2. Copy and paste the below command into Terminal. You'll need to modify the location and names of your files. In the below example, ONIX2Short.xml is the name of the ONIX file; MyMARCFile.xml is the name of the output file; and the xsl file is located on my computer inside marcedit's xslt folder.
    1. marcedit -s ~/Desktop/ONIX/ONIX2Short.xml -d ~/Desktop/ONIX/MyMARCFile.xml -xml -xslt /Users/fl/marcedit/xslt/onix2marcxml_nnels_compat_v4.xsl -utf8
  3. Press enter to run the command in Terminal
  4. The output file should appear in the folder
  5. Open up the output file. You should see that it's now in MARC XML format and ready to be ingested into NNELS!
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