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Cataloguer Projects

September 24, 2018 - March 31, 2019

Project Overview

As a cataloguer at NNELS, you'll be helping with various tasks such as copy cataloguing, original cataloguing, fixing and assigning metadata to current records, assisting with purchasing, and other duties as assigned.

#1 Priority: Catalogue new content

Getting books published on NNELS is a multi-step process, and we need your help.

Tasks that you'll be working on include:

#2 Priority: Cleanup current metadata

When there are no incoming MARC records to process, we need your help to cleanup the existing metadata records in the NNELS repository.

We get our metadata from various sources, which often means our records contain a lot of messy or missing metadata. This, of course, affects the user's search experience and discovery of our resources.

We need your help to add key pieces of metadata to our books, such as subject and genre keywords, summary, and audience.

For instructions on how to get started, see How to clean up metadata in Drupal.

Other Priorities as assigned

You may also be involved in:

If you think of something specific that you'd like to work on, just let the Content Coordinator know.

Tools you'll need

  • MarcEdit - download the latest Windows or Mac OS version
  • Evergreen - download the software. NNELS will set you up with a username and password
  • Drupal - NNELS will set you up with a username and password
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