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Book Recording Plan for Non-Children's Books

Print or save a copy of the Book Recording Plan (BRP) to plan out how you will record each section (sample completed BRP).

Add rows and modify the document as you need. Book sections may include:

  • Title
  • About this Digital Book
  • Publishing Information
  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgements
  • Epigraph (standalone quote before the book begins)
  • Introduction
  • Chapters
  • Afterward
  • About the Author

The way you divide the tracks will depend on the book. Generally, except for the three tracks (Title & About this Digital Book & Publishing Information), the sections or tracks will follow the table of contents.

You can use underscores _ or hyphens - in file names, but please do not include spaces, other punctuation, or special characters (e.g. write 01_Uncle_Toms_Cabin even though Tom's should include an apostrophe).

What to Read

  1. For the first track, you will read the title, author's name, the author's last name spelled out, publisher and (optionally) "Read by", followed by, "month, year". For example:
    Tribes by Arthur Slade. S-L-A-D-E. Published by HarperCollins. Read by David Van Der Molen in February, 2015.

    Save this track as “01_Tribes”.

  2. NNELS will provide the second track (“02_About_this_digital_book”).
  3. For the publication information, please read everything as printed except the Library of Congress Cataloguing Data. If in doubt about what to read, ask NNELS. Save the track as “##_Publishing_Information” with the ## parking this track wherever it fits.
  4. The rest of the sections should be based on the book itself. Each section should begin with the name of the section followed by the content. For example, "Dedication. To Michael, with love."
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