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Cover Image for Children’s Books

[French: Couverture]

When describing the cover image you want to include all the information within the alt-text. This includes the title, author name, and any other text on the cover. Your goal is to recreate the cover in the description.

Sometimes, you will have a book where the Back Cover image also requires description. For more information please see Back Cover.


Front Cover (heading 1 style)

Alt text:

Painted Illustration in full colour. The title is written in red bold cursive font that mimics brush strokes. It reads: You Hold Me Up. Just below the main title is the Plains Cree translation written in thin dark blue font. It reads: Ki Kîhcêyimin Mâna. The background of the image is split between two colours. The top two thirds are a soft sky blue with dark blue dots; the bottom third is a bright yellow with small white designs that look like little heart clusters. There is a thick dark blue line that divides both sections. Two young Cree girls stand facing each other before the background. They bend forward slightly towards each other and touch foreheads. Both their eyes are closed, and they have small smiles on their faces. They each have their hair pinned back with beaded hair pins and wear sweaters; one wears a pink sweater with a red and white collar, and the other wears a red sweater with a white collar. They each have pink circles on their cheeks to show they are blushing. Between them are the names of the writer and illustrator. It reads: Monique Gray Smith, Danielle Daniel. There is a golden sticker on the cover that reads: In Plains Cree and English.

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