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-//​Updated ​June 3, 2020//+//​Updated ​July 6, 2020//
 <​html>​ <​html>​
 <span style="​color:​green;​font-size:​150%;">​ <span style="​color:​green;​font-size:​150%;">​
-<​strong>​BC Libraries Cooperative ​Development ​Advisory, June 3 2020.</​strong></​span></​html>​+<​strong>​BC Libraries Cooperative ​Support ​Advisory ​– Evergreen International Conference videos now available</​strong></​span></​html>​ 
 +The Evergreen International Conference 2020 moved online this year.  Co-op staff attended a variety of sessions presented by members of the Evergreen community to learn more and engage with the community. ​   
 +Sessions were recorded and are available on the Evergreen youtube channel.  
 +Some sessions focus on front end pieces of Evergreen while others look at the more technical behind the scenes pieces that the Co-op takes care of for you.  While watching these videos please keep in mind that there are many differences in configuration,​ customization,​ and governing and funding structures across the libraries and consortia in the greater Evergreen community. ​ What is possible at one Evergreen library or consortia may not currently be possible in Sitka’s Evergreen. 
 +Some highlights:​ 
 +Keynote Presentation by John Rempel  
 +- https://​​watch?​v=0ui_fR_fiPo&​list=PLsktT5b82paWzb6R_C_0pJ4pf_eo9xOGJ&​index=1 
 +Batches, Baskets, Buckets and Bookbags  
 +- https://​​watch?​v=NuJIhapDfbM&​list=PLsktT5b82paWzb6R_C_0pJ4pf_eo9xOGJ&​index=9 
 +“Making it Rain: How to Talk About Open Source Value”  
 +- https://​​watch?​v=LP1_PKol8ac&​list=PLsktT5b82paWzb6R_C_0pJ4pf_eo9xOGJ&​index=4&​t=0s 
 +Understanding Evergreen Reports  
 +- https://​​watch?​v=cNoxPPgGoR4&​list=PLsktT5b82paWzb6R_C_0pJ4pf_eo9xOGJ&​index=6&​t=0s 
 +//Updated June 3, 2020// 
 +**BC Libraries Cooperative Development Advisory**
 Co-op Support is happy to advise of two new features now enabled in Evergreen 3.5. Co-op Support is happy to advise of two new features now enabled in Evergreen 3.5.
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