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Cover Image for Children’s Books

[French: Couverture]

Enter heading Cover Image in Heading 1 style at the top of the page. Resize the image to fit the page under the heading.

Cover images are important to describe for accessibility.

Cover images are part of the book that helps sell the book to readers with a quick glance, so you want your description to accomplish the same!

Covers can vary from simple images, to more complex images, but you should always aim to keep the description as clear and concise as possible to help build excitement for the content to come!

All important text elements are in the Metadata, so when referencing the image on the cover page, appropriate Alt text should be provided to describe the visual elements of that image only. You don’t need to transcribe the text in the image.

You can transcribe quotes about the book, as they add meaning to the cover and are not in the metadata

Another expectation to transcribing text on a cover is if the font is important to the meaning of the title, then should you include it in your description.

Some covers will require more description that other covers. Remember to stay as concise as possible. Generally, children’s books require more description as they are image led stories.

Sometimes, you will have a book where the Back Cover image also requires description. For more information please see Back Cover.


Cover Image(heading 1 style)

Alt text:

A young girl with dark skin tone and rosy cheeks looks forward with a smile and clutches her hands to her chest. She wears a peacock headdress with long green and purple peacock feathers that fan out from a yellow and red crown. The crown has a large blue jewel in the center surrounded by pink and yellow beads. She wears a blue top with a blue cape over her shoulders. Just behind her, another young girl with light skin tone dances in a yellow dress and wears a blue mask with a crown of long blue and purple feathers. There are two framed pictures beside the girls. In a rectangular frame, an older man and women pose with their heads close together. The woman has dark skin tone and short black hair, and the man has light skin tone and brown hair. In a heart-shaped frame, a young girl with dark skin stands on a beach and smiles.

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