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Adding narrator and runtime to records

Some records in the repository have missing information for one or both of narrator's name and runtime.

Use this view in Drupal to identify titles with missing metadata and update the records:

You can update runtime and narrator name in parallel as you go through the records.

You can sort by File Format–start with MP3 format first and then move on to DAISY Audio formats.

You can use the search filters to pull out titles with missing narrator only or missing runtime only; please note that the results may not be totally accurate.

To edit a record

  1. Click on the title of the book in the search results
  2. Click the edit button next to the particular file format that needs updating
  3. In the Narrator field, enter the narrator's name as First Name Last Name; if more than one narrator, click add another item
  4. In the Running Time field, enter the length of the audio title in the format HHMMSS (hours minutes seconds)
  5. Click Save

To locate narrator name and runtime

  1. Download the book to your computer
  2. If it's not automatically unzipped then you will need to unzip it first
  3. Open the book's folder

For MP3 files

MP3 books don't contain metadata like DAISY books.

  1. Locating narrator's name*:
    1. You will have to listen to the files (note the MARC information in Drupal likely does not reflect the particular version of the book you're looking at).
      1. Usually the narrator's name should be announced within the first audio file in the book. You can use VLC, iTunes, or any audio player to listen to the files. If you are not sure about spelling or if you don't hear the narrator's name announced then you may need to do some internet sleuthing to see if this exact version is catalogued elsewhere like WorldCat or another website & find the info that way
      2. If you can't find the narrator's name by listening to the file or internet searching, make a note of the title & URL to pass to the Content Coordinator. Leave the narrator field blank.
  2. Locating runtime:
    1. If you open all the files in an audio application like VLC, you will see the total runtime displayed at the top. See screenshot for VLC.

* Note that if the MP3 audiobook was published by Crane Library then it will likely be narrated by multiple people. For Crane Library audio titles with multiple narrators, we state Multiple Readers in the Narrator field.

For DAISY 2.02 Audio files

DAISY files contain metadata where you can find the narrator's name and runtime.

  1. Locate the file called ncc.xhtml. This file contains the book's metadata.
  2. Find the narrator's name in this field: <meta name="ncc:narrator" content="Brant, Patricia" />
  3. Find the runtime in this field: <meta name="ncc:totalTime" content="05:46:09" />
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