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Time Management and Workplace Health

Part of productivity is having good time management, and making sure you can take care of yourself. Working from home can present it's own challenges, and this section will provide some tips on how to stay healthy and productive!

You are allowed to divide your 15 hours a week in a way that suits your lifestyle and work flow the best.

We will provide you a tracking sheet that can help you keep track of your hours week by week, this is not an official document, but can help you keep on top of your hours. There are also free online hour trackers you can use, such a togl.

It is also important to your mental and physical health to make sure you are working with proper physical support to avoid body pain.

  • If you are at a desk try to have set up for proper support and alignment.
  • If you work from a couch or bed invest in a lap desk, or use a pillow to avoid shoulder and next strain.
  • Take regular breaks. You and try an app like AntiRSI for Mac, or Break Time for Windows PC.
  • Do regular stretches to avoid tendonitis and muscle cramps.
  • Every 20 minutes let your eyes look away from the screen for 20 seconds to avoid eye strain and headaches (stress or migraine.)
  • Rest your eyes for 15 minutes after two hours of continuous computer use.
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