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Change Project Settings

On this page, you will find the Silence Threshold and the Sentence Gaps for the DAISY Audiobook.

You can adjust these settings in the corresponding text boxes. When you are done simply select Save and you will return to the main project page.

If the recording has background noise such as an audible hiss or hum, for example, you'll probably want to set the silence threshold to a higher value. Press Settings, adjust the values to suit the particular title you're working on, and press Accept

The Silence Threshold is specified in decibels, with -30 being an ideal value for high-quality recordings. The higher you set this value, the more likely it is that phrase navigation will be erroneously offered in the middle of words or sentences. Somewhere around -15 to -20 seems to be a workable setting for Crane recordings, but the louder the background noise, the less accurate phrase navigation is going to be.

Sentence Gap is specified in milliseconds and determines how much silence must be detected in order for it to count as phrase navigation. A value of 300 is usually perfect, but you may need to decrease this for faster narrators or increase it slightly for slower readers in order to achieve the best results.

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