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Set Play Order

This begins the customization phase of your audiobook.

DAISY books expose track names to the end-user, so we need to make sure that each one of these tracks has a sensible name.

On this page, there are four main sections to help you rename and reorder tracks as needed. Please do these all in the following order:

  1. Play Order; this is where you can check and reorder the tracks in the DAISY book
  2. Track Names and Heading Levels; this is where you can trim track names and use the Track Discovery feature to rename tracks and set the appropriate heading levels for each track for multiple levels for navigation
  3. Final Check; this is the last step you do before you finish your book
Remember when you are working through the tracks to listen to the first and last track to see if they need to be split into smaller sections. If you are unsure if a track needs to be split, or what to name a section, please post in the Q&A section.

Play Order

In this section, there is a dropdown menu in the Track section. Underneath this is a button labeled Edit and a button labeled Play.

The Edit button will take you to the Edit Track page where you can do the following:

Track Names

In this section, you can trim the lead characters of the tracks, or you also can use Track Discovery to navigate through each title to rename the tracks and assign them the appropriate heading level.

Final Check: Metadata

Once you are done forming the DAISY book you can move on to the final check. First, select Continue which will take you to the metadata page.

  • Title: delete what is in this field and enter the correct title as it appears on the record page for the book. Note, this text box will always populate with a file name that begins with your name. Always remove your name and the underscore between the words in the title. Make sure it is just the title of the book.
  • Author: Firstname Lastname (can be found on records page for title)
  • Publisher: BC Libraries Cooperative
  • Copyright Date: Date of original work
  • Narrator: Firstname Lastname (can be found on records page for title)
  • Language: keep as en unless otherwise needed
  • Select save

This will take you back to the main project page. There will be a note stating It has not yet been exported.

If you are happy with the file and it is ready to export select Export the Project

If the book is from Audible, you can look it up on the Audible website, or Amazon, to get the name of the narration. The Producer will be Audible
Please go through your book carefully before you export it. Ensure you have gone through all of the steps. You can also reference the QA Checklist to help you ensure you have done everything before exporting.

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