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QA Checklist

The following is a checklist of everything that needs to be reviewed during QA.

  • Track Names: ensure all tracks are properly named to reflect the books section they represent and that the spelling and capitalization are correct. See Track Names for more info.
  • Levels: if there are multiple heading levels in a book, ensure that the levels have been properly assigned. If the book levels have names they must also be properly assigned and spelled. See Naming Tracks and Heading Levels for more info.
  • Play Order: Ensure all tracks are in correct order. See Play order for more info.
  • Correct Track Division: ensure that each book section has its own track that is properly named. Often, the first and last track of an audiobook can have multiple sections within them. It is important to properly divide and name these tracks. For example, the beginning of the book can include a track for Title Page then Dedication followed by the Prologue.
  • Metadata: Make sure all the metadata is correctly assigned as per documentation. See Final Check: Metadata for more info
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