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We retain all hyperlinks as they appear in the original ebook.

We only remove hyperlinks for indexes with page number (unless, in the rare case, we have print page number breaks in the document).

You will need to check to make sure the link works. Simply click on the link to make sure it opens to an active and correct webpage.

If it does not link properly you will have to edit the link.

To edit a hyperlink:

  • Right click on the link to open the menu
  • Select Hyperlink > Edit Hyperlink
  • This will open a new window
  • Make sure there correct URL is in the Address box under the Web Page or File tab
If the original ebook does not have a hyperlink then you do not need to add one. We are not editors, so we don't have to add any links if they were not originally there.

Dealing with Broken Links

If you come across a broken links you need to do your best to fix it by either finding the new URL or linking to the archived site or page using

If all that fails:

  • remove link from text
  • add a note in brackets after the link. (e.g. [Producer's note: This webpage no longer exist]

We still receive patron requests for DAISY books. If it is a DAISY request you will remove all links.

If the Request is for DAISY there will be a note within the ticket of the title.

Hyperlinks must be removed, or unlinked, for conversion to DAISY. The URL text without the links can be retained.

Even after following the instructions below, links can sometimes be oddly persistent. Be sure to hover over each URL you see to make sure that it is not still a hyperlink - even if the text is "Normal" Style and not blue, the link may still be hiding.

in Word

  1. Ctrl+A to select all text
  2. Ctrl+shift+F9 to remove all hyperlinks

in Word for Mac

  1. Cmd+A to select all text
  2. Cmd+6 to remove hyperlinks (may need to adjust text colour if it stays blue)

in LibreOffice

  1. Select one of the items in the document that contains a hyperlink. Open the context menu and select "Remove Hyperlink."
  2. Press CTRL+Ato select the entire document.
  3. Press CTRL+SHIFT+Y to "Repeat: Reset attributes

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